Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup is the best way to get that flawless looking skin or frame your eyes with the perfect shade of eye shadow without compromising your complexion. Made from the finest pure mineral powders, natural and mineral organic eye make up sits atop our skin, letting it breath, so you can walk out the door confident that you look great and that you are not harming your skin. Our organic mineral makeup will leave your skin with that even tone and gorgeous eyes you desire. Mineral Make Up allows you to do just that.

Are you looking for the perfect foundation? Inika has an award winning Mineral Foundation. Winner of the Natural Health Magazine Beauty Awards 2009, this Mineral Foundation comes in 8 shades, with one to match your skin, and if not, don’t worry, its perfect to mix and match. From the fair beauty of Grace to the rich darker shade of Trust, this wonderful Mineral Foundation works to give you flawless looking skin without irritating your face. Formulated to leave behind nasty filers that can aggravate certain skin conditions like acne and rosacea, this foundation is made with fine mineral powders that make it look and feel like light.

Or try the Lily Loves Pearl Mineral Foundation. It's a wonderful blend of mineral powders, with 4 shades to choose from. Or grab the Nancy Evans Organic Rosehip Mineral Powder Make Up, formulated with rose and vanilla to give your skin that sweet aroma. With so many brands to choose from, it's too easy to Mineral and organic eye Make Up.

Or get a kiss from a rose with MiEssence Mineral Make Up. Formulated with a dash of organic rose essential oil, your skin will look, smell and feel fantastic. The MiEssence Bronzing Dust is the perfect way to get that golden sun kissed look without exposing your skin to nasty chemicals or the harmful sun’s UV rays. Or grab the fantastic Elusyion by Earthy Essence Coverzit Concealer which blends a bunch of mineral powders to lets you cover your problem skin, with a collection of organic botanical ingredients that offer nutrients to your skin, helping heal it and care for it.

So whether you are looking for a fantastic way to get flawless looking skin, without compromising your complexion, or want to find a gorgeous eye shadow that will sit on your skin while letting it breath, try some of our natural organic eye make up and say farewell to chemical ridden, pore clogging make up, for good.