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Zoya offers all you need for pretty, healthy nails. Made without the four nasties found in your average nail polish, Zoya is suitable for pregnant women, letting you enjoy pretty nails without compromising your unborn baby. Tired of your nail polish chipping? Well, Zoya have the solution for you. Start your nail care by ditching your old nail polish with the Zoya 3-in-1 Formula Remover that works to polish, cleanse and prepare your nails for the next coat. Once you’ve done that grab the Zoya Anchor and apply this base coat to help lock in your nail polish. Next grab your favourite colour of Zoya Nail Polish. Choose from the rich reds for that traditional feminine colour, or go for a neutral shade for that elegant look, or try a bold and bright new green, whatever you choose apply and enjoy the smooth silky colour as it paints on beautifully. Help it dry quickly so you can get on with things and grab the Zoya Hurry Up Fast Drops. For that solid top coat that will help protect your gorgeous nails apply the Zoya Armour and enjoy as your nail colour is locked in, designed to help protect and add a dash of shine to your nails. This multistep care for your nails will help make the colour last so don’t get that annoying chipped nail look.

Your average nail polish contains a blend of nasty chemicals, from formaldehyde to toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP), which are completely unsuitable for pregnant women. So to avoid these chemical nasties, grab a Zoya Nail Polish and enjoy looking down at your colourful nails, without worrying. Choose from rich oranges like Rica with a dash of shimmer, to the gorgeous aqua blue of Twila. From the sparkling soft pink of Opal to the rich dark gleam of Shawn, there is a colour to match every outfit and every occasion.

If it looks like it's time to chuck your favourite nail polish because it's gone all gloopy and gross, grab the Zoya Renew and rejuvenate your old nail polish. This formula works best with old Zoya nail polishes but is suitable for others, helping you revive that awesome colour from the depths of your bathroom cupboard.

So whether you are looking for a specific shade to match your mood or dress, or just want an all round way to care for your nails and keep the colour for longer, grab Zoya Nails and enjoy giving your nails that splash of colour without the worst of the chemicals.