MiEssence offer a superior skincare, hair care, body care, oral care, make up, nutritional and household range. With all you need to embrace a natural and organic lifestyle, MiEssence is guided by their vision of purity, potency and freshness, bringing you the best ingredients, for the most effective results. With a stunning range with everything you need from body washes to probiotic supplements, MiEssence has something for everyone. Naturally Safe offer a wide range of samples so you can find the MiEssence product that is right for you.

Embrace the organic lifestyle with the MiEssence Shower Pack and upgrade your shower shelf. With a choice of MiEssence Lemon Myrtle, for oily to normal hair, or Desert Rose Shampoo for dry to normal hair, these shampoos balance your natural hair oils and cleanse your hair and scalp without harmful chemicals. Also included is a gorgeous MiEssence Conditioner to help replenish your scalp and hydrate your hair and a stunning MiEssence Sunflower Body Wash, which will leave your skin silky soft and healthy.

Or kick chemicals to the curb and enjoy a lovely mineral make up that is designed to sit atop your skin, without clogging your pores so your skin can breathe. The MiEssence Translucent Foundation gives you a soft, matte finish, without compromising your complexion. Formulated with organic shea butter to hydrate your skin while giving you that flawless look, this foundation is a perfect addition to your makeup bag. Grab the Bare Natural Beauty Vegan Foundation Brush to apply, and with four shades, there is one to match your skin tone. From mineral blush to setting powder, MiEssence has a beautiful range of makeup that will also care for your skin.

Are you looking to upgrade your skin care routine to natural and organic? Well, MiEssence has a four gorgeous ranges, with one to suit your skin type. For normal or combination skin, try the Balancing range, with a cleanser, moisturiser and skin brightener designed to optimise your skin care. If you have dry or mature skin, this is the range for you. For those with oily or problem skin, the Purifying range works to balance oils without stripping your skin. And if you have sensitive skin, try the Soothing range, and enjoy the calming way these products cleanse, moisturise and nurture your skin.

Proudly Australian owned and made, MiEssence work to bring a balance of the best ingredients with the most nourishing properties and effective results to their products, allowing you to truly care for your skin, hair, body and home.